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About Markham Massage Therapists, Brian Bennett & Jennifer Corey-Bennett...

Brian Bennett & Jennifer Corey-Bennett are committed to you and your wellbeing. Take a look at their track record and you'll see why so many Markham area residents are crazy about these massage therapists...

Brian Bennett graduated from the renowned Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy, the oldest Massage school in Canada. He became a registered massage therapist with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario after completing 2200 hours of intense schooling and rigorous board exams. He has gone on to pursue post-graduate education in Medical Exercise Training, Sports Massage, Ultrasound/Tens and other related modalities.

He has participated in high-level events like the Men's Masters Tennis series treating some of the world's top athletes and has written for Alive Magazine, Canada's national health publication. He teaches regularly at Running Room clinics and also teaches CPR and First Aid.

Jennifer Corey-Bennett attended University of Toronto in the physical and health education program. After graduation she continued her studies at Sutherland-Chan Massage Therapy School, one of the top-rank massage schools in Ontario. More recently, she became certified to practice acupuncture after completing studies at the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Toronto and the Zhe Jiang International Hospital in China.

Like Brian, she is a registered massage therapist with the CMTO and is also certified as a Doctor of Acupuncture. She's specialized in pregnancy massage, women's health and infertility. Jennifer is trained as a Doula (birthing assistant) as well as a Homeopath for pregnancy, labour, postpartum and infant care. Jennifer currently teaches massage and labour comfort measures at Markham Prenatal and Newborn Educators, as well as Infant Massage classes at their clinic or privately.

Both Brian and Jennifer are well regarded in the Markham community, both for their educational work and for contributing to various local charities, such as United Way, Heart and Stroke, Weekend to End Breast Cancer, and the Canadian Cancer Society.

They are also noted for the on-site massage (including chair massage) that they do for many corporations and events in the Markham area.

Call Brian and Jennifer right away to find out how great you can feel in the hands of an expert massage therapist.

Why Markham Residents Love These Two Massage Therapists...

Clients love their availability to do house calls and corporate visits if desired. However, it's really their caring personalities and passion for helping you get the best results possible that keep clients coming back.

You'll find that Brian is extremely empathetic. Because his extensive training is an incredibly diverse range of techniques, Brian will personalize each massage for you as a unique individual using the most suitable techniques and pressure.

Although he is skilled in relaxation massage and has studied Hydrotherapy and Hot Stone Massage, Brian has chosen to focus on sports injuries and neck and back pain. Brian's long history of competing in Triathlons, running, cycling and experience treating top international athletes has given him an in-depth knowledge of the biomechanics in each sport and their associated injuries.

For example, Brian met a runner while teaching at the Running Room. This runner was experiencing numerous injuries due to his running. After several treatments with Brian, not only were his injuries fixed, but he began to set personal bests in his running events. Now with some regular proactive massage and self-care consultation with Brian, he is now training for the Ironman Triathlon.

In addition, Brian's experience working within corporations over the last six years has also added to his expertise in treating headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and repetitive strain problems like carpal tunnel.

Jennifer is an expert at adapting her skills to your individual needs. Jennifer enjoys treating sports injuries, pregnancy related conditions, and teaching infant massage. Jennifer is versatile; she can give a deep tissue massage or a gentle relaxation massage, whatever best suits your needs.

Jennifer has chosen to focus on prenatal care, labour support, postpartum and infant care and infertility. She's had innumerable success stories. For example, one of her clients was going through infertility treatments. The woman came on the advice of her OB/GYN to help reduce her stress levels and regulate her ovuation and hormone levels with acupuncture. She had three previous miscarriages and was rightfully anxious about the process. Over the course of her treatments with Jennifer she was able to effectively manage her stress. She was delighted when she became pregnant and was able to carry the baby full-term. The couple hired Jennifer as their Doula and she assisted the couple through the successful birth of their first child. And because she has training in acupuncture and homeopathy, you can benefit from an entirely different approach if the situation calls for it.

Gift Certificate

So if you are looking for expert massage therapists, give Brian or Jennifer a call today. And if you need to get something special for a friend or loved one in Markham or York Region, consider a massage therapy gift certificate. Call the office at (905) 209-1005 to order today.

And note that it's not only Markham residents that see Brian & Jennifer for their expert skills. They are also the massage therapists of choice for residents of surrounding areas like Toronto, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Pickering and Whitechurch-Stouffville.

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